A Common Area Asbestos Survey report is sufficient to meet the requirements of the Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations 2012 (CAWR 2012). This survey relates to the landlord’s areas of a given building to facilitate the subsequent preparation of the Asbestos Management.  The individual tenants should also be advised of the requirement for an Asbestos Management Plan within their demise, if not already carried out.

DMC Survey Services can complete a Common Area Asbestos Survey which includes:

  • A survey of the full extent of the landlord’s common areas and also the structure contained within the tenant’s demise which the landlord is responsible for.
  • Identify any Asbestos Containing Materials and assess their condition.
  • Provide a full report recording all the information you will need to manage asbestos in your building.
  • Advise on management strategies and removal of any asbestos containing materials as required.


If you are interested in a Common Area Asbestos Survey, please email daniel@dmcsurveyservices.co.uk or contact us.