Commercial Building Surveys

A Commercial Building Survey provides one essential element of the advice needed in connection with a building acquisition or the agreement to lease for occupational purposes and should be obtained in conjunction with normal Agency and Valuation advice.

The key aims of the survey are to provide a technical report on the physical condition of the building and to reveal any defects or shortcomings that may have an impact on the acquisition or occupation of the building. A Building Survey can be extended to include an investigation of running costs of the building, the cost to put in repair, or the cost of adaptation and fit-out, so that the client may take decisions in the knowledge of the wider financial implications.

Benefits of having a Building Survey prior to acquisition or entering into an occupational lease will be:

  • Advice in connection with the negotiation or re-negotiation of a purchase or lease agreement.
  • Advice in connection with a major company asset.
  • Identification of the key building liabilities.
  • Advice to avoid unexpected expenditure.
  • Advice in connection with the working environment, including the promotion of Health & Safety, corporate image and efficient use of space.

Both newly completed buildings and older buildings routinely contain defects, either through the adoption of untried technology, unsuitable materials or by the unpredicted results of two materials being in close proximity. The standard of design, specification and construction workmanship will also have an important influence on the actual life span of a component or element which will vary from building to building.