there are many reasons why you may have to provide an Asbestos Management Survey, of these some of the common requests made to DMC Survey Services are listed below:-

You may have a requirement due to the age of you building such as if your building is constructed prior to the out right prohibition of asbestos in the UK in 1999.

You may be going through an external quality audit and auditors have requested you provide this to comply with strict quality standards or has been flagged up as a requirement to attain quality / Health and Safety compliance.

You may be asked by a local Environmental health officer from you local council or Local Authority as part of health and safety compliance’s if you occupy a commercial or industrial premises.

You are moving to a new premises and it has been raised as a requirement of your sale of the Old premises or as a requirement by the vendor of the proposed purchase building.

An insurance company has asked you to provide an Asbestos Management Survey to show any asbestos materials which could have an implication on re-build valuations or protect their interests when providing you with buildings insurance.

It is standard practice for loss adjusters to request information on asbestos as part of re-in statement works to a building after fire or flood damage to protect all parties involved. These would take the form of Refurbishment / Demolition Surveys.

There are other reasons for requesting Asbestos Surveys depending on the situation and should you be unsure Don’t hesitate to call our offices to clarify or check with us.